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Potassium Sorabte

Potassium Sorbate - E202

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Potassium Sorbate - E202

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Potassium Sorbate is an inactive salt of sorbic acid — a naturally occurring short-chained, unsaturated fatty acid. This salt is usually found in fruits such as the berries of the mountain ash tree. There is now a ‘nature identical’ compound of Potassium Sorbate produced on a commercial scale. This states it is a synthetic compound, chemically equivalent to the molecule found in nature.

Potassium Sorbate is readily soluble in water. At a low pH it converts to its active form — sorbic acid. Potassium Sorbate is known as one of the most widely used preservatives in food and personal care industries. 

Benefits of Potassium Sorbate: 

  • It is an effective preservative — active against moulds, fair against yeast, and less effective against bacteria. Potassium Sorbate is not considered as a broad spectrum preservative for cosmetic use. It should be combined with other preservatives to ensure formulas are protected.

  • Potassium Sorbate is often paired with Sodium Benzoate to deliver a synergistic preservative effect against yeast and mould. If Potassium Sorbate is used as a preservative, the final pH of the formulation must be lower.

  • Studies have found that the effectiveness of Potassium Sorbate increases as the pH decreases. Most active at pH 4.4 (70%) and at pH 5.0, Potassium Sorbate activity is at 37%. Some activity is even up to pH 6 (around 6%). Indicating additional adjustment of the product's pH may be required to keep the pH at the desired efficacy. To ensure a safe level you may need citric acid to lower the pH of the final product.

Applications and Recommendations

Potassium Sorbate tends to sublime at temperatures above 60°C (140°F). Incorporate into the water phase of formulations and completely dissolve at a temperature below 60°C (140°F). This will ensure proper distribution within the product. 

For emulsions, it is recommended to dissolve the required amount of Potassium Sorbate in a portion of the water phase. Add pre-dissolved Potassium Sorbate into the emulsion below 60°C (140°F). 

Potassium Sorbate is typically used at a rate of 0.15-0.3% (if used alone) or 0.1-0.2% (if used in combination with other preservatives). This rate will depend on the application. Potassium Sorbate is used primarily in a wide variety of formulations including creams, lotions, shampoos, makeup, and sunscreen products. 

INCI: Potassium Sorbate

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