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Apricot Kernel Oil - Cold Pressed

Apricot Kernel Oil - Cold Pressed

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Apricot Kernel Oil


PLEASE NOTE: The 100ml Glass Bottles have a best before date 31st of August 2024 


*This product is not for internal consumption. It is for external use only. 

Native to East and Central Asia, Apricot Kernel Oil is obtained from the oil-rich kernels of the Prunus Armeniaca. Historical sources reveal apricots were first grown in India around 3000 BC. Apricot Kernel Oil was also commonly utilised in ancient Chinese medicine.  

Apricot Kernel Oil is a light carrier oil extracted by cold-pressing the dried kernels of apricots. Each kernel has an oil content of 40-47%. The quality of the oil is preserved using the cold-pressing method, protecting it from heat. The crude oil appears yellow and has the characteristic aroma of apricot oil. Once the substance undergoes further refinement, it becomes a clear light yellow. With a characteristic, mild nutty scent, it closely resembles both almond and peach carrier oils.

Due to its great moisturising abilities, Apricot Kernel Oil continues to be a popular choice in the cosmetics industry. This ancient carrier oil features many antioxidants such as Omega 9, Omega 6, and Omega 3. Apricot Kernel Oil also contains palmitic acid, stearic acid, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Each of these properties have aided in soothing the skin for centuries.

Our Apricot Kernel Oil is packaged in the following options: 

  • 100ml (Amber Glass Bottle - Including a Serum Pump)
  • 250ml (Amber Glass Bottle - Including a Black Screw Cap)
  • 500ml (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 1L (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 5L (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 20L (4 x Natural HDPE Bottles)

We have the option to add a Pump (to the 250ml Glass & HDPE Bottles) and a Drum Tap (Only suitable for the HDPE Bottles)

Drum Tap Specifications:

  • Designed to fit 1L & 5L jerry cans or bottles with a 38mm neck thread.
  • 14.5mm outlet.
  • Makes decanting easier and safer.
  • The self-venting Aeroflow tap allows air into the can to provide smooth dispensing of Liquids.
  • Water flow rate 1.5lts/Min. The rate will vary with different liquid viscosity.

Benefits of Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil: 

  • Rich in gamma linoleic acid (GLA) – balancing moisture in the skin, keeping it firm and toned
  • Filled with antioxidants like vitamins A and E which combat the signs of ageing
  • Has a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids — creating a non-greasy formula
  • Helps calm and prevent breakouts — contains a combination of Oleic, Linoleic, and Linolenic acids
  • Has a light, non-irritating, and soothing texture — allowing for rapid absorption  
  • Can penetrate deeply into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth
  • Compatible with many ingredients due to its mild and incredibly moisturising nature
  • Often used as massage oil — perfect for essential oils and natural herb infusions

Applications and Recommendations

*This is a guide only, please seek advice from a product specialist when formulating your products.

Craft 360 Apricot Kernel Oil can be used alone or incorporated into a formulation. Add to the oil phase.

As a hot oil hair treatment: Once heated, apply oil to hair once a week. This will stimulate circulation of the scalp.

For cuticle oil: Massage Apricot Kernel Oil into your cuticles every night to fix dry cuticles. Best to do before bed.

Skincare emulsions: 2-5% 

Body care formulations: 2-10%, 

Lip balms and colour cosmetics: 5-20% 

Shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products: 0.2-1%

Skin/body oils, salves, and balms: 5-100%

Soap: 12%-15%

INCI: Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil

Other Names: Apricot Oil


*This product is not for internal consumption