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Product Suitability Testing and Product Changes

Below is an excerpt from our Terms and Conditions in regards to Product Suitability Testing & Product Changes: Read our full Terms and Conditions here

  1. We make no representations about suitability of our products with the materials that the purchaser wishes to use with our products. It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to conduct tests to check whether their materials are compatible for use (for a full lifetime) with our product.
  2. From time to time the parts or materials from particular products may change, due to supply issues. We will use our best efforts to inform you of those changes. The purchaser acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility to test our products with their intended use in the event that changes are made to our products.
  3. We are not liable for any inconsistencies in products, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to conduct thorough compatibility and suitability testing with each order placed with Craft 360 Pty Ltd. 

Here are some tips on testing your solutions and products with our products to ensure they are suitable and compatible for your intended use. We recommend conducting further research on how best to test packaging suitability and compatibility with your products. 

Craft 360 Pty Ltd may provide guidance to the Purchaser concerning the goods upon the Purchaser's request. However, the Purchaser acknowledges that this guidance does not impose any responsibility on Craft 360 Pty Ltd with regard to the suitability of the goods for the Purchaser's specific use.

Before purchasing "in-stock" items or commencing the production of "made-to-order" items, it is crucial to conduct tests to ensure their suitability and stability.

The Purchaser should be aware that certain products could potentially cause failure of the goods or packaging. It is recommended that the Purchaser conducts tests on the goods with their intended use to prevent any negative outcomes resulting from chemical interactions, such as leakage, discoloration, paneling, or any other interaction with the goods.

You will want to test the following and more:

  • Compatibility with every version of your product's formulation
  • The fit and seal with your products
  • With the closure fitted, the fill capacity in the container
  • Your filling and sealing method
  • Additional assembly, decoration, labeling, and packaging of the goods
  • Dispensing an entire container of filled product, not just a few dispenses.
  • Test the packaged goods that are stored and used in their designated environment over a duration of time.
  • Test the packaged goods in their methods of transport and distribution, (post, air-freight, sea-freight, road freight etc.)

It is recommended to conduct as many tests as necessary based on your specific requirements at every stage of assembly, transportation, retail, and final intended use.

When selecting packaging options and determining packaging tolerances and variations, it is crucial to consider and account for the specific market in which the products will be distributed and sold.

Feel free to purchase as many closures, dispensers and containers as you need as samples for testing through our website.