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Wholesale Cosmetics and Skincare Waxes & Beeswax in Australia

Explore Craft 360's refined collection of wholesale cosmetics including skincare waxes and beeswax. As one of Australia's premier supplier, we curate an assortment that champions both quality and sustainability, ensuring your products shine with natural brilliance.

A Perfect Destination for Waxes and Beeswax Supplies for Cosmetics and Skincare

Craft 360 has etched its mark as an Australian-owned leader in the cosmetics and skincare industry. With a clientele of over 5,000 proud Aussies across our wide range of packaging and raw ingredients solutions, we have helped small and large businesses achieve competitive wholesale pricing, eco-centric solutions, swift deliveries, and unparalleled product quality.

Our Pharmaceutical Grade Wax & Beeswax Collections

Choose from either our white beeswax or yellow beeswax pharmaceutical grade solutions for your skincare and cosmetics products. With the allure of beeswax, you can manufacture high quality products, such as lipsticks, to bind liquid and oil components efficiently.

Why Choose to Shop with Craft 360 for Raw Ingredients and Supplies?

We aim to ensure the products we supply become part of a movement that places eco-friendly practices, trust, and excellence at its heart. With the purity of our waxes and beeswax, you can enrich your products with the touch of nature and a hint of Australian elegance. If you’re contemplating an upgrade to your product line with unmatched waxes, choose our products to ignite your brand’s potential today.

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