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Avocado Oil For Skin

Avocado Oil - Australian - Cold Pressed

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Avocado Oil - Australian

*This product is not for internal consumption. It is for external use only.

Avocado oil is a widely sought-after ingredient in skincare and hair care products, valued for its nutrient-rich composition and proven benefits. Derived from ripe avocados, this oil is known for its moisturizing, rejuvenating, and protective properties.

The benefits of using avocado oil:

  • Deep Moisturization: Avocado oil for skin provides rich hydration, leaving your skin soft and well-nourished.
  • Strengthening Skin Barrier: Abundant in fatty acids, avocado oil for skin bolsters your skin's natural barrier, preserving essential moisture.
  • Antioxidant Shield: Thanks to its vitamin E and antioxidants, avocado oil for skin shields against environmental stressors, supporting long-term skin health.
  • Soothing and Healing: Avocado oil for skin contains compounds that calm inflammation, making it ideal for soothing and healing irritated skin.
  • Anti-Aging Support: Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, avocado oil for skin encourages skin regeneration, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Revitalizing Hair: Avocado oil for hair deeply nourishes and revitalizes your strands, enhancing their natural shine.
  • Intensive Conditioning: When you apply avocado oil for hair, it provides intense conditioning, resulting in notably softer and more manageable locks.
  • Hair Health: Regular use of avocado oil for hair promotes overall hair health, strengthening and revitalizing your hair from roots to ends.

Incorporate the dependable benefits of avocado oil for skin and hair into your daily routine and experience the noticeable improvements it brings to your skincare and haircare regimen.

Our Avocado Oil is packaged in the following options:

  • 100ml (Amber Glass Bottle - Including a Serum Pump)
  • 250ml (Amber Glass Bottle - Including a Black Screw Cap)
  • 500ml (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 1L (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 5L (Natural HDPE Bottle)

We have the option to add a Pump (to the 250ml Glass & HDPE Bottles) and a Drum Tap (Only suitable for the HDPE Bottles)

Drum Tap Specifications:

  • Designed to fit 1L & 5L jerry cans or bottles with a 38mm neck thread.
  • 14.5mm outlet.
  • Makes decanting easier and safer.
  • The self-venting Aeroflow tap allows air into the can to provide smooth dispensing of Liquids.
  • Water flow rate 1.5lts/Min. The rate will vary with different liquid viscosity.

Craft 360 is proud to support Australian farmers. Our Avocado Oil consists of premium quality, cold-pressed, Australian avocados.

Botanical Name: Persea americana

Other Name(s): Persea Gratissima Oil, Alligator Pear Oil.

Extraction Method: Cold-pressed, Refined.

Country of Origin: Australia

Please Note: Those with nut allergies should avoid using Avocado Oil as it is manufactured in the same facility as other nut oils. This product is not for internal consumption. It is for external use only.

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