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Organic Castor Oil - Cold Pressed - Hexane Free

Organic Castor Oil - Cold Pressed - Hexane Free

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Organic Castor Oil

*This product is not for internal consumption. It is for external use only. 

Native to Eastern Africa, India, and the southeastern Mediterranean Basin, Organic Castor Oil is obtained from beans of the Ricinus communis. This perennial flowering plant is now widespread throughout many tropical regions.

The castor plant is cultivated in an organic farming system, where no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are used. Once harvested, the seeds are left to dry, allowing the hull to split open and release the seeds inside. The organic castor seed contains about 30%–50% oil (m/m). 

Once the seeds have been removed and cleaned, they are cold-pressed. Without the addition of heat, the active ingredients are preserved. The crude oil is then filtered, ensuring the oil is of the highest quality and purity. 

Craft 360 Organic Castor Oil is free from solvents like hexane. This carrier oil is lighter in colour and has a low acid and iodine content. These properties make organic castor oil suitable for use directly on the skin, and in cosmetic formulations. 

Our Organic Castor Oil is a clear, viscous liquid with a pale yellow hue, with a mild distinctive odour. Miscible in alcohol and other plant oils, this carrier oil is insoluble in water. 

Our Organic Castor Oil is packaged in the following options: 

  • 100ml (Amber Glass Bottle - Including a Serum Pump)
  • 250ml (Amber Glass Bottle - Including a Black Screw Cap)
  • 500ml (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 1L (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 5L (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 20L (4 x Natural HDPE Bottles)

We have the option to add a Pump (to the 250ml Glass & HDPE Bottles) and a Drum Tap (Only suitable for the HDPE Bottles)

Drum Tap Specifications:

  • Designed to fit 1L & 5L jerry cans or bottles with a 38mm neck thread.
  • 14.5mm outlet.
  • Makes decanting easier and safer.
  • The self-venting Aeroflow tap allows air into the can to provide smooth dispensing of Liquids.
  • Water flow rate 1.5lts/Min. The rate will vary with different liquid viscosity.

To view more options in the glass bottle packaging, view our Organic Castor Oil Glass Bottle listing here.

Benefits of Organic Castor Carrier Oil:

  • A well-known source of ricinoleic acid — a monounsaturated fatty acid
  • About 90% of the fatty acid profile is triglyceride — formed from the ricinoleic acid. The remainder is 3-4% oleic acid and 3-4% linoleic acid
  • Has a low molecular weight — renowned for penetrating deep into the upper layer of the epidermis, replenishing and maintaining moisture in the skin
  • Has excellent emollient properties — leaving the skin soft and smooth
  • A good hair conditioner — makes hair appear nourished and shiny
  • Efficient in dispersing pigments when creating thixotropic products
  • Provides lustrous shine in comfort in a lipstick
  • Has a buttery-soft, smooth feel

Applications and Recommendations

*This is a guide only, please seek advice from a product specialist when formulating your products.

Craft 360 Organic Castor Oil can be incorporated directly into formulations. Add to the oil phase.

  • Skincare emulsions: 1-5% 
  • Body oils, salves, and balms: 2-20% 
  • Lip balms and colour cosmetics: 5-10% 
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products: 0.2-2% 
  • Cold process and hot process soap: 2-10% 

INCI Name: Organic Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil

Other Names: Ricinus communis, Palma Christ, Palma Christi, Castor bean plant

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Please Note: This product is not for internal consumption. It is for external use only. 

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