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Sweet Almond Oil - Australian - Cold Pressed

Sweet Almond Oil - Australian - Cold Pressed

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Sweet Almond Oil - Australian

PLEASE NOTE: Our new batch of Almond Oil is a bit darker than usual. This is just a result of the colour of the Almonds that were harvested this year.

*This product is not for internal consumption. It is for external use only. 

For hundreds of years, Almond Oil has been one of the most popular nut oils globally. Valued for its versatility, this all-purpose ingredient is known to naturally relieve common skin irritants. Buy organic sweet almond oil in Australia.

Australia has now become the world’s second largest producer of Almond Oil behind the United States. Since 2006 the demand for Australian Almond Oil has soared. Producers have seen a significant increase in the almond market, projecting the need for 185,000 tonnes by 2025.

Craft 360 is proud to support Australian farmers. Our Sweet Almond Oil consists of premium quality, cold-pressed, Australian almonds. The refining process removes odour, ensures stability, and enhances any fragrances added to the formula.

With a high content of fatty acids, Australian Almond Oil is rich in proteins and vitamins A, B, and E. Full of antioxidants, this natural extract also contains many trace elements. Suitable for most skin types, Australian Almond Oil is an excellent cosmetic application with amazing emollient properties.

Australian Almond Oil is a prominent ingredient in moisturisers, massage oils, body butters, and soaps. To moisturise hands and nails our Almond Oil is easily absorbed and can be applied directly onto the skin. This exceptional Australian Almond Oil can also nourish and strengthen hair. To create face or body scrubs with ease, simply add sugar or salt to the formula.

Our Sweet Almond Oil is packaged in the following options: 

  • 100ml (Amber Glass Bottle - Including a Serum Pump)
  • 250ml (Amber Glass Bottle - Including a Black Screw Cap)
  • 500ml (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 1L (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 5L (Natural HDPE Bottle)
  • 20L (4 x Natural HDPE Bottles)

We have the option to add a Pump (to the 250ml Glass & HDPE Bottles) and a Drum Tap (Only suitable for the HDPE Bottles)

Drum Tap Specifications:

  • Designed to fit 1L & 5L jerry cans or bottles with a 38mm neck thread.
  • 14.5mm outlet.
  • Makes decanting easier and safer.
  • The self-venting Aeroflow tap allows air into the can to provide smooth dispensing of Liquids.
  • Water flow rate 1.5lts/Min. The rate will vary with different liquid viscosity.

Botanical Name: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis

Other Name(s): Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis, Almond Extract, Almendro Dulce, Amande

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed, Refined, Cosmetic Grade

Country of Origin: Australia

Please Note: Those with nut allergies should avoid using Almond Oil. This product is not for internal consumption. It is for external use only. 

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