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Citric Acid

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Citric Acid - Anhydrous

*This product is not for internal consumption

Citric acid is an active ingredient that can be used for DIY household green cleaning solutions as well as bath bombs, gels, creams and numerous other uses. 

Citric Acid occurs naturally in citric fruits, most notably lemons and limes that have concentrations up to 8% of its dry weight. 

This product is available in 1.4kg (Zip Lock, Heat Sealed), 4.8kg (Heat Sealed) & 20kg packaging.

Please Note the following packaging details:

We now provide this 1.4kg product in Clear PET Zip Lock bags with a white label. We decided to change our packaging as the new PET bags are recyclable. (Cut off the zip-lock before placing in your recycling bin).

The 4.8kg product is provided in a 100μm plastic heat sealed bag and our 20kg product comes in a tied off 75μm plastic bag within a box. (75μm is thicker than 100μm)

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