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Amber Glass Bottle - 50ml - 18mm (Full Slab of 88)

Amber Glass Bottle - 50ml - 18mm (Full Slab of 88)

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50ml Amber Glass Bottle - 18mm DIN18

Our 50ml Amber Glass Bottles are an excellent choice for anyone who makes their own skincare / cosmetic products, as they are made from high-quality glass that is safe and stable with most ingredients, 100% recyclable, and refillable.

Amber glass protects the oils and other ingredients in your blends from degrading in the light, extending their shelf life.

Our amber glass bottles are perfect for creating a premium look and feel when packaging your skincare and cosmetic products. Our DripolatorsAtomiser / Fine Mist Sprays, Serum / Gel Pumps and Droppers match perfectly with the bottles.

This 50ml Glass Bottle can be purchased individually or in combination with a Dispenser of your choice by selecting the 'Dispenser Type' in the drop down.

These 50ml amber glass bottles are available in various pack sizes. To view the price breaks for each pack size, please click on the drop down 'Pack Sizes' above.

Why Choose 50ml Glass Bottles?   

  • Safe and stable with almost all ingredients
  • Premium look & feel
  • Suitable for both diluted and concentrated essential oils
  • 100% recyclable and refillable
  • Amber glass colour offers UV protection for your product

Craft 360 offers traditional glass bottles in a variety of sizes. To see all of our glass bottle sizes click here.

Please Note: Due to Manufacturing Limitations, our Amber Glass Bottles may change shade from time to time with each manufacturing run. Please take note of this potential variation in colour.


50ml Glass Bottle Specifications:

Bottle Material Glass
Bottle Capacity 50ml
Bottle Colour Amber / Brown
Bottle Dimensions 37 (D) x 92 (H) mm
Neck Size 18 mm DIN18
Max Label Height 50  mm
Max Label Width 115 mm


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